“I’ve written a backstory for Benson and Stabler that hasn’t really been shared much with the others. They have been intimate and will always be intimate. That’s how I play them. That’s how I like them. Cops spend more time with their partners than with their families. The adrenaline’s pumping. It’s a recipe. On SVU, I wanted this to be the subtext, the undercurrent, not just ordinary sexual tension. Mariska and Chris laugh at me when I tell them about this. Their characters love each other. Stabler’s wife is resigned she will never really have him to herself… To me, his family’s immaterial. His wife’s a bit of a player. He’s miserable without Benson. I always see them as incredibly intimate in every single way.”  - Judith McCreary

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Mariska - Lax Airport 28.07.14


The queen has returned 👑

"How would I write the final scene? Maybe they do consummate…" - Chris Meloni